About Us

Our Story Begins...

We met in Makhanda, a little town in Eastern Cape, South Africa, in 2019 and immediately noticed our mutual love for nature and the prospect of one day living in a place where we could eat what we grow.  

Fast forward a few years later… Now home is in the Beautiful and Rainy Tsitsikamma Mountains, in the Garden Route of South Africa.

The Leap...

With all that began to surface in the world during 2020, we decided to take a giant leap, drop everything and pursue our dreams of Living Off Grid and Self Sustainably.

We have since done everything from building a house, chicken coops, grazing tractors, raised garden beds, composting toilets, worms farms, a bee hive, home accessories, a solar oven and many more things, all from scratch, scraps, repurposed and DIY! 


We have had experiences from learning how to make use of everything and anything, the true beauty of nature and all she has to offer, the harsh realities of what being a part of the human species means, a kinder and more connected approach to living, looking after and raising animals in a sustainable and natural way, dealing with loss in the most intense way, learning how incredibly awesome we are as a team, and amongst many many more, We have learnt that freedom is indeed a state of mind. 

In September 2022, we had the privilege of attending a Permaculture Design Certification Course with the incredible Geoff Lawton.


We find ourselves quite passionate about sharing our experiences and spreading knowledge, helping others reconnect their roots, as we believe that reconnecting is what will bring our world back to a kinder, greener future. We do, by being. 

We Make Music Sometimes...

Something that has been a constant with us since the beginning is music. We even played together on our wedding day, and we hope to share more music with others as we go about our journey called life.