Our Crazy

Green Bikepacking Journey

How It All Started

We recently spent some time in the Western Cape, visiting some incredible friends, meeting some amazing new people and making new connections that will stick with us forever. Along the way, we spent some time on a couple of bikes in Riversdale, passed a few long distance cyclists in Seweweekspoort, and somehow, by the time we got home to the Eastern Cape, knew that our next step was going to be a journey by bicycle. Yes, we know it’s insane. It’s also invigorating. Knowing that we can go wherever we want, in a less impactive way, without having to worry about the cost of petrol, or affording a bus ticket is a kind of freedom we have never experienced. And no, we are not naive. We know there will be challenges of many different kinds. But we are excited at the prospect of a journey such as this. Allowing us to be free, and share our passions with others along the way.


Our Intentions

We believe that sustainability is the key to a kinder future. We have both always been passionate about teaching others, specifically about growing food, being kinder to nature and living in an eco conscious way. Along this journey, that is exactly what we want to do. We want to connect with as many people as possible, share our knowledge and skills, and show everyone that little changes really do make a big difference. Even something as simple as riding your bike every now and then instead of using your car. 


We want to get involved in community projects, and eco organizations along the way that resonate with us. Please check out our map of possible/preferable stops below! (We are also looking for like-minded sustainable/eco-conscious/off grid accommodation sites. So if you tick any of these boxes and are in any of those areas, please give us a shout, we’d love to visit you!). We want to help build food gardens, plant indigenous trees, and just get our hands dirty. We’d especially love to visit and volunteer at places like Old Age homes, Disability centers, Schools and rehab facilities to lend a hand, help them start some garden projects and just spread some light and positivity. There isn’t a more amazing feeling than planting something, and being able to watch it grow to fruition. So if you have any places in mind that could do with a visit from two crazies like us, reach out! 


How Can You Get Involved?

There are so many ways you can be involved in our journey! You could buy us some dinner, pay for some repairs here and there, contribute towards accommodation costs, or if you have a small, local business/organization and you’d like to collaborate or sponsor us, get in touch, let’s see if we resonate. But also, Check out our buttons below!!

And in return, you get to go on this journey with us! We’ll do our best to post updates, share video footage of our rides, and keep you guys in the loop of what’s happening in our crazy, green world. And remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Sponsor as many as you like. This is a way for you to contribute towards expenses such as bicycle repairs, spares and maintenance, assisting in any costs that may arise within the community projects that we will be running (such as seed donation, unforeseeable accommodation costs and any other unexpected costs that we may encounter along the way). We thank you GRATEFULLY for such contributions.

Thank You So Much To Everyone Who Has Reached Out and Offered To Host Us!

This will keep us fed even in the consumerist society, allowing us to support a local street vendor/cafe and purchase a wholesome meal from them, or buy fresh, healthy ingredients so we can cook a delicious meal for our hosting family.

The Route