Growing Food

You Can Do It Wherever You Are! Whether You Live on a Large Piece Of Land, or In a Small Apartment, You Can Grow Food. A Small Box Of Herbs And Greens on Your Balcony Can Go a Long Way to Providing You And Your Family With Fresh, Nutritious Food. There Is An Awesome Sense Of Independence That Comes With Knowing That You Have the Ability to Grow Something as Important as Food. We Are Always Experimenting With New Plants, Growing Conditions And Sowing Times.

It is Also So Easy to Grow Food From Scraps, so in Many Cases you Don’t need to Spend any Extra Bucks. There Actually Really Are no Limits, you Just Have to DO IT!

Responsible Waste Management

We Strive to Live With Intention. This Means Managing Our Waste in a Responsible Way. How? Well, Basically the Goal is to Try to Reduce the Waste that Leaves your Premises, Because despite Popular Belief, There is no Such thing as Throwing Something “Away”, And No, This doesn’t Mean Starting Your Own Landfill in your Backyard, Or Burning Rubbish. Neither of these methods Are Beneficial to Anyone in Any Way, let Alone Mother Nature. Start With Watching What you Buy and What it’s Packaged in, And Also Consider if you Actually, Really Even Need it. And If You Do, How are You Going to Deal with its Packaging? We Know The Struggle is Real, as Almost Everything These Days is Wrapped in Some or Other Plastic or Non Eco Product. Although Eco Bricks Aren’t The Solution to The Cause, it is At Least a Useful Way to Repurpose These Materials into Something Useful to Build Cool Stuff With.  We Believe That All Organic Matter Should Be Worked Back Into The Environment, And There Are SO MANY Ways To Do This. For Example, Kitchen Waste Can Be Composted, Fed to Chickens or Wild Birds, Put In a Composting Worm Bin, Or Even Donated to Animal Farm Owners. Garden Waste Can Be used For Mulch or a Good Low Maintenance Compost Corner, Which You Can eventually Use in Your Garden. All These Little Things Really Do Add Up To Make a Huge Difference.

Saving Seeds

An Integral Part Of Food Security And Self Sustainability, The Skill Of Seed Saving Has Been a Literal Life Saver For Us Over The Last Few Years. Saving Your Own Seed, And Keeping a Small Seed Bank Fills You With a Sense of Empowerment And Security That is Difficult To Find In Our Current World. We Enjoy Trade And Barter As a Means of Interaction, And Our Seeds Are Often Used As Currency. Visit our Seed Shop to See our Selection of Heirloom Seeds.