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Est. 2020


to our journey

off-grid living in south africa

We are Chanel & Mika, two women who are passionate about Tiny House living off-grid, sustainability, growing our own food and DIY projects. Our love for music adds a rhythm to our lives. Join us on this incredible journey of self-sufficiency, creativity and living in harmony with nature. 

Featured Heirloom Seeds

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato

This tomato is not only packed with flavor, but is adorned with vivid, multicolor stripes that are out of this world in beauty.

Velvet Queen Sunflower

A sunflower like no other, this multi-headed beauty produces flower heads with the deepest red petals we have ever seen.


Fruit has very few seeds, is extremely meaty and loaded with rich sweet flavors lending to its sauce appeal.

African Horned Cucumber

Also called Horned Melon, Spiked Melon, Jelly Melon, Kiwano, or our personal favorite, Cuke-a-saurus.

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– nurturing our planet, embracing our past, and flourishing in the present.

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