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What we Do

In Music Sprouts, we slowly introduce the wonders of the music world by exposing students to instruments in a strategic manner, while teaching them about the fundamentals of music in a creative, nurturing environment. The musical “seeds” planted during our classes enable their brains to create new pathways, which enhances their learning in all other aspects of their lives. This is a huge benefit to young children, whether or not they choose to pursue music later on.  The benefits of early exposure to music are innumerable and include naturally building confidence, strengthening coordination and motor skills, improved language development, concentration, counting and memory, creative expression, social skills and so much more. 

What we offer

We offer private lessons in the following instruments:

Age 3+

Music Fundamentals

From age 3 is really the ideal time to be focused on teaching your children the language of music. With the benefit of a focused one-on-one teacher/student environment, we can really follow your child’s lead. Music Fundamentals is all about giving students a solid foundation and introduction to all the instruments we teach. They will learn about beat, rhythm, pitch and other elements of music in our distinctive creative style. This is the perfect place to start if you’d like to introduce your child to the world of music, but have not yet decided on a specific instrument. (No instrument required)

Age 5+







2024 Information Letter

2024 Enrollment Form

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music Sprouts Access Program

The Music Sprouts Access Program is based in the rural Tsitsikamma area of South Africa. The main goal of our program is to provide children in our community with access and exposure to music lessons and musical instruments. Through music, the potential to have a lasting impact in our community is immeasurable. At the moment, many expenses are being covered out of pocket, and our teachers are donating 100% of their time to teach these children.

For the remainder of 2024, our main focus is on raising funds for String Instruments (violins, violas & cellos), as we simply do not have enough instruments to accommodate the amount of children in our program, and we have the potential to build an incredible Youth String Orchestra. The cost of string instruments vary between R2000 – R5000, depending on the instrument. We try to source secondhand instruments whenever possible, as these are much more cost effective, and donated funds can then stretch much further.

Donations of any amount would be incredibly appreciated and will also go towards music books, printing costs, instrument repairs, maintenance & accessories and instrument cases.

If you would be interested in Sponsoring some of our children, a Lesson Sponsorship covers one 30-45 minute group slot, and could provide as many as six children with weekly music lessons for a full year, as well as access to the instruments needed to master their talents. The cost of this sponsorship is R5000, $270 or 250 Euros. A sponsorship isn’t just a gift to a child in need, it feeds a passion to experience life lessons including work ethic, tolerance, integrity, problem solving, teamwork, improved academics and so much more. 

You are welcome to make a donation below, or get in touch with us directly at

Chanel Gardner

Chanel Gardner is a self taught musician and songwriter with over 15 years experience in performing, managing bands and mentoring upcoming artists.


Michaela Gardner is a passionate, classically trained musician with over 12 years experience in teaching music and has performed in Orchestras around the world.

Joining forces, we have created an adaptive curriculum that is tailored specifically to each of our students.

“Research indicates the brain of a musician, even a young one, works differently than that of a non-musician. There’s some good neuroscience research that children involved in music have larger growth of neural activity than people not in music training. When you’re a musician and you’re playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain.”

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