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A journey of strength

our story

In 2019, we crossed paths in the charming town of Grahamstown Makhanda in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. There, a shared affection for nature ignited a dream within us: to live off the land and savor the fruits of our own labor. A few years later, we find ourselves nestled in the tranquil embrace of the Tsitsikamma Mountains along the Garden Route of South Africa.

In 2020, as the world grappled with change, we made a bold decision: to leave behind the ordinary and pursue a life of self-sufficiency.

From that point, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted our reality. We built a home from scratch, repurposed materials for chicken coops, nurtured gardens that grew our food, and embraced the rhythm of living slow and sustainably. Composting toilets and worm farms taught us the beauty of cycles, while a buzzing beehive added its own touch of wonder. What emerged was not just structures, but a living testament to resourcefulness. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we then learned that this was not to be our forever home and we had to move on.

Our journey taught us to value simplicity, the gifts of nature, and the intricate dance of human existence. It led us to a more mindful way of living, caring for animals and coexisting harmoniously with the land. Amid challenges, we found resilience, and together, we discovered the strength of unity.

In July of 2022, we embarked on an epic 45 day bicycle journey, rediscovering all that nature has to offer along the Garden Route. A key lesson we’ve learned is that freedom is a state of mind. 

Now, in 2023, we feel unstoppable as we have just moved into a tiny house that we built, almost completely from salvaged materials. This is our spot to put down roots, grow not only our family, but also abundant food gardens, and live the life that we choose.


Music has been a constant thread in our journey. We even played together on Our Wedding Day, as a symbol of starting our life together. Since our move to Tsitsikamma, we have once again reconnected with our musical roots. 

This passion inspired us to create Music Sprouts, a music program in our community that reflects our commitment to nurturing both the earth and the souls around us.

Our Hope

With passion, we share our experiences and knowledge. Rooted in the belief that reconnecting with our origins can guide the world to a kinder and greener future, we embody this ethos in all we do.

May our story kindle inspiration and ripple positive change. As we foster reconnection, may it lead to a world where compassion and sustainability flourish.

In September 2022, we were fortunate to learn from the insightful Geoff Lawton during a Permaculture Design Certification Course. This experience added depth to our mission, infusing it with the wisdom of sustainable design.

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